- Jewellery made to Order from an Artistic Design by Lilly. From a choice of Materials & Gemstones.
- Detailed Drawing to follow with Order and a Deposit of £250 "NON refundable"
- Recommendations & Suggestions for FREE
- Balance to follow "to be paid" upon completion  

On the above picture there are 3 Bracelets made in Yellow Gold. Which decade was Yellow  Gold fashionable ? 

A) 1970
B) 1960
C) 1915
Answer is hidden on this page 

Selection of Pendants: 2 Pendants by Tiffany & Co, 1 Edwardian Pendant, 1 pendant from 1990's

1970's Bracelet
1930's Ring & 1970's Bracelet

Answer: In 1970's Jewellery was always mounted in Yellow Gold

London in 1970