Sautoirs, long necklaces which were developed before the First World War were popular again in  
A) 1960's
B) 1970's
C) 1980's
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Hight - 5 inch

Diamond Bracelet: £2,750
Aquamarine & Yellow Sapphire Bracelet: £4,250
Citrine, Smokey Quartz & Diamond Bracelet: £3,250
Pink Sapphire Bracelet: £2,500

Sapphire & Diamond Brooch: ON HOLD

Russian Silver Enamel Spoon ( Green, Blue, Cream colours ) : £2,250
Menu Holders: £475
Russian Silver Enamel Spoon ( Blue, Red, White colours ): £750

Russian Silver Enamel Jug: £4,250

Ruby Diamond Earrings: £2,750
Ruby Diamond Ring: £3,250

Answer: Sautoirs, long necklaces became fashionable in 1970's