All Spoons are in Silver and Enamel and the date is pre 1917


Russian Silver enamel ( Plique à jour ) Spoon by Pavel Ovchinichov, Hallmarked Moscow 1896-1907. Assay master Ivan Lebedkin 
PRICE: £3,750

Russian Silver enamel miniature Salt Throne
DATE: St. Petersburg circa 1890
Makers Mark: A. Lubavin
Zolotnik mark: 88
Hight 4cm/1.574inch Depth 2.5cm/0.984inch Width 3.2cm/1.259inch
Weight is 28.55gm/1.007oz
PRICE: £1,850

Russian Silver ( 84 Silver Mark )  Niello Beaker 
Hight : 6.9cm / 2.716inch
Assay Master: L. Avdeyev
Makers Mark: P.G in Cyrilic
Date: Moscow 1858
PRICE: £1,250
NOTE: Assay Master L. Avdeyev worked from 1852-1862 

A set of 12 Russian Silver (84 mark) Niello Spoons & matching Sugar Tongs 

Length of the Spoons is 15cm / 5.905inch 
DATE of the Spoons: Moscow 1866
Assay Master of the Spoons: Victor Savinkov
Makers Mark of the Spoons: F.I. in Cyrillic

Length of the Tongs is 13.5cm / 5.314inch
DATE of the Tongs: Moscow 1867
Assay Master for the Tongs: Victor Savinkov
Makers Mark: A.M.U in Cyrillic

PRICE: £1,450 for the set
NOTE: Original English retailers case

Right side of the Jug

Left side of the Jug

Front and Marks of the Jug

Russian Silver ( 84 zolotnik ) Enamel Jug by Nikolai Zverev 
DATE: Moscow 1896-1907
Assay Master: Ivan Lebedkin
PRICE: £4,250