Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
Tahitian Pearls: Natural Colour, size 10.2mm - 11.1mm
Length: 8inch/20.3cm
Date: circa 1990
PRICE: £2,250
Stock No: SHAPb14
Special Features: Tahitian Pearls come in range of colours. Are Tahitian Pearls durable ? Tahitian Pearls Surface is Durable and LustrousTahitian Pearls hardness 2.5-4  (Mohs scale 1-10)
Tanzanite Bracelet in 14ct Gold
Modern Brilliant Cut Tanzanite: 3ct approximately
Length: 7inch/18cm
Date: London 2001, in our opinion the date is circa 1990 with later London 2001 hallmark
Price: £2,750 
Stock No: SHAPb 13
Special Features: Which country was 14ct Gold used ? USA & Europe, in our opinion this bracelet was made in Europe. Hardness Tanzanite 6.5 - 7  ( Mohs scale 1-10 ). 
Diamond Bangle in 18ct White/Rose/Yellow Gold 
Brilliant Cut Diamonds: total weight 4.50ct approximately
Size: 20cm
Date: circa 1990
PRICE: £5,750
Stock No: SHAPb 12
Special Features: Hardness Diamond 10 ( Mohs Scale 1-10 ). The Diamonds are flexible on the bracelet and moving left and right. Bangles were popular  in the 1990s, especially if wide and chunky. 
Diamond Line Bracelet in 18ct White Gold
Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 8.20ct approximately 
Date: circa 1960
Length: 6.9inch / 17.5cm 
PRICE: £8,950
Stock No: SHAPb 10
Special Features: Bracelet has Italian Marks and it has 46 Diamonds with a Good Sparkle. Diamond Hardness 10 (Mohs scale 1-10 ) 

9ct Yellow Gold curb Bracelet

Weight: 31.3gm/1.10oz
Date: London 1970
PRICE: £1,250
Stock no: SHAPb 9
Special Features: In 1890s curb link bracelets were in vogue and then in 1970s large, chunky curb chains became popular in yellow Gold. What is the difference between Curb Bracelet and Gate Bracelet ? Curb Bracelet is a Curb chain links that have been flattened and twisted and interlock tightly together to form a chain. Gate Bracelet, it is said that the panels of the Gate Bracelets imitating the gates and fences of English county Estates and Castles.

9ct Yellow Gold Victorian Gate Bracelet

Weight: 17.4gm/0.61oz

Date: circa 1890
PRICE: £1,250
Stock no: SHAPb 8
Special Features: In 1880s & 1890s Bracelets continued to be worn in numbers, as many as four on each arm. It is said that the reason these Bracelets were given was because one wanted their lover or wife to know that they loved them a lot with the heart shaped padlock.


18ct Yellow Gold & Platinum Ruby & Diamond stone set Bracelet
Ruby:  0.80ct approximately 
Diamonds: 1.80ct approximately
Length: 6.69inch/ 17cm
DATE: circa 1905
PRICE: £4,750
Stock no: SHAPb 7
Special Features: In Edwardian Period new design, of course, appeared, but rather than a break with tradition, they were, once more, elaborations of old themes. The chain part of the bracelet is Original and Typical of Edwardian Period (1901-1910). Hardness  Ruby is 9, Diamond is 10 ( Mohs scale 1-10 ). 


18k White Gold Aquamarine & Yellow Sapphire Bracelet by Lilly Shapiro
Aquamarines: 84 stones - 17.33ct
Yellow Sapphires: 14 stones - 0.63ct
Length: 7.5inch / 19.05cm
DATE: Modern
Designer: Lilly Shapiro
Design Name: Blue Daisy
PRICE: £3,850
Stock no: SHAPb 5
Special Features: The Aquamarine have a lively Light Blue colour. Aquamarine stone , Once believed to be the treasure of mermaids. Hardness of Aquamarine is 7.5-8 ( Mohs scale 1-10 ) 

18ct gold Bracelet by CARLO WEINGRIL 

Weight: 107gm / 3.774oz

Design Name: Gas Pipe
DATE: circa 1980
PRICE: £8,750 

Stock no: SHAPbr 4
Special Features: The bracelet is stretchable. 

A Platinum mounted Brilliant Cut Diamond stone set Bracelet
Diamonds: 3ct approximately
Length: 18.5cm/7.283inch
Weight of the Bracelet including the Diamonds is 25.30gm/0.892oz
Date: circa 1980
PRICE: £3,250
Stock no: SHAPbr 1
Special Features: The Diamonds are sparkly.