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Pendant collie in 9ct Gold Enamel dated Sheffield 2000, PRICE: £428

Opal Onyx Pendant in 9ct Gold Dated London 1976 PRICE: £488
Length: 5cm/1.96inch
Weight: 8.1gm

Garnet, Citrine, Topaz, Peridot, Amethyst & Diamond Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver Date: circa 1960 PRICE: £375
Length: 18.2cm/7.16inch
Width: 0.7mm-10mm
Weight: 24.6gm 

What was jewellery like in the 1960s ?
 1960s jewellery trends include Mod or pop art colours: black and white, yellow and green, and pink and red to name just a few. Big dangling earrings in geometric shapes, stacks of thick or skinny bangles, colourful flower bracelets and necklaces, and plastic character pins were all new for the space age youth.

Football Pendant Enamel in 9ct Gold date circa 1970 PRICE: £178 
Length including the loop: 2.2cm/0.86inch
Weight: 1.3gm
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 37

What is the history of football in the world?
Records trace the history of soccer back more than 2,000 years ago to ancient China
. Greece, Rome, and parts of Central America also claim to have started the sport; but it was England that transitioned soccer, or what the British and many other people around the world call “football,” into the game we know today.

Drop Earrings in 9ct Gold date import marks for Sheffield 1992, BUT in our opinion and best knowledge the earrings date is from the 1970's 
PRICE: £898

Length of the Earrings: 8cm/3.14inch
Total weight: 12.5gm
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 36

Cat Locket in sterling Silver 925 date circa 1950 PRICE: £125
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 35

Ladybird 8 of 10 in 9ct Gold Diamonds Enamel by Lilly SHAPIRO PRICE: £150
15ct Gold Insect(baby bee?) date circa 1890 PRICE: SOLD
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 34

Charms in Sterling Silver 925 date from 1950s PRICE per each Charm from £35
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 33

Aquamarine Pendant in 9ct White Gold date circa 1980 PRICE: £498 
Main Stone Faceted Cut Aquamarine: 1.23ct approximately

Secondary Stone Brilliant Cut Aquamarines: 0.70ct approximately
Length of the Pendant: 1.1x8mm
Length of the Chain: 16&18inch
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 32

Pearl Diamond Pendant in 18ct White Gold, date circa 1980 PRICE: £575 SOLD
Akoya Pearl: 6.2mm, Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 0.12ct approximately
Length of the chain: 16inch
Length of the Pendant:
0.51inch, weight: 0.8gm

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 30

Wishbone Band Ring in 9ct tri-colour
Date: London 1991, Ring Size: R, Weight: 3.6gm
PRICE: £298
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 29

Pearl Brooch/Pendant in 9ct Gold 
import marks for Hallmark London 1969, Weight: 8.2gm, Length: 3.9cm/1.53inch

Natural cultured Pearl
PRICE: £668

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 28

When did people start wearing brooches?
The adornment's origins can be linked back to the Bronze Age (2000-500 BC) with the adoption of metal as a common resource. Early societies such as the Greeks, Romans, and Celts found ways to secure and clasp their clothing together, introducing early forms of the decorative brooch.

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 27

Diamond Cross in 18ct Gold date circa 1970 
Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 0.10ct approximately 
PRICE: £178
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 26

Sapphire Pendant in 18ct Gold import mark for London 1978 PRICE: £278
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 24

 Where do dark sapphires come from ?
 Dark blue sapphire, probably of Australian origin, showing the brilliant surface lustre typical of faceted corundum gemstones.

Charm/Pendant CAT in 9ct Gold date circa 1960 Length:2.2cm/0.86inch Weight: 4.7gm PRICE: £358
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 23

When was the first charm bracelet made?
The first charm bracelets were worn by Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites and began appearing from 600 – 400 BC. For example, Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets that started a fashion among the European noble classes.

Diamond Sapphire Ruby Emerald dolphin Pendant in 18ct Gold Date circa 1990 Length 2.3cm/0.90inch Weight 4.5gm PRICE: £768
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 22

Sapphire Diamond Earrings in 9ct Gold date circa 1970 Length: 1cm/0.39 Total weight: 1.8gm PRICE: £525
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 21

How did sapphire gets its name?
Sapphires were said to be named after the Greek word of “Sapphirus” which means blue. The bold, vibrant blue hue of the sapphire. Because of the blue appearance of the sky, many ancient greeks believed that the sky was a reflection of the giant sapphire in which the world was placed upon.

Three Colour Gold Bangle in 9ct White, Yellow, Rose Gold Date London 2017 PRICE: £948
Gold weight: 19.7gm/0.69oz
Inner Diameter: 6.3cm/2.48inch
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 18

Who designed the Cartier Trinity ring ?
The famous Cartier 'three-ring' made its first appearance almost 100 years ago, in 1924, during the Art Deco craze. It was designed by Jean Cocteau, the French writer, painter, filmmaker and poet, who was a great friend of Louis Cartier.

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 14

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 15

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 8

Treble Clef Diamond 18ct White Gold Brooch Dated London 2018 PRICE: £578
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 7

Locket in 9ct Gold dated London 1980 PRICE: £278 
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 6

Cat Charm in 9ct Gold Date circa 1960 PRICE: £95
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 5

Charm Puffy Heart in 9ct Gold date circa 1910 PRICE: £175
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 4

Charm Handbag in 9ct Gold date Birmingham 1975 PRICE: £45
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 3

Silver Enamel Pendant date circa 1960 PRICE: £75
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 1