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Silver Necklace by PASCAL date circa 2010 Weight: 70.4gm Length: 20.47inch PRICE: £578
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 19

 Who is PASCAL ?
Answer by Pascal - The Mouawad legacy began with my great grandfather, David Mouawad, when he set out from his homeland of Lebanon in 1890.In 2010, Pascal took over the family business with his two brothers as co-guardians and since then have been leveraging my expertise leading the business with my siblings.

Three Colour Gold Bangle in 9ct White, Yellow, Rose Gold Date London 2017 PRICE: £948
Gold weight: 19.7gm/0.69oz
Inner Diameter: 6.3cm/2.48inch
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 18

Who designed the Cartier Trinity ring ?
The famous Cartier 'three-ring' made its first appearance almost 100 years ago, in 1924, during the Art Deco craze. It was designed by Jean Cocteau, the French writer, painter, filmmaker and poet, who was a great friend of Louis Cartier.

London Blue Topaz Pendant in 9ct White Gold date circa 1970 PRICE: £275
London Blue Topaz Pear Cut: 2ct approximately
Chain Length: 18 & 16inch
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 17

 Why is it called London Blue Topaz?
 One of the most popular theories for this stone being called London Blue Topaz is because London has a bit of Topaz prestige tied to it. ... It's the largest cut Topaz that has ever been displayed, measuring in at 15 centimetres long and 10.5 centimetres in width and weighing an impressive 9,381 carats in the UK Natural History Museum.

Emerald Diamond Ring in 18ct Gold date circa 1950 SOLD
Emerald Cut Emerald: 1ct approximately, Brilliant Cut Diamonds: total weight 0.12ct approximately
Ring size: K 1/2
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 16

The Emerald cut diamond is one of the first and oldest cuts of diamonds and other precious stones. The name of this cutting comes from the gemstone Emerald. To maintain as much of the gem as possible, they cut the stone in a rectangular shape. The history of this shape is more than 500 years old.

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Natural Cultured Pearl ( 8mm diameter ) Studs Earrings in 9ct Gold date circa 1960  SOLD

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 12

Black Opal (12ct approximately) 18ct Gold Pendant date circa 1970 PRICE: £3,250
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 9

Stock No: Lilly's Attic 8

Treble Clef Diamond 18ct White Gold Brooch Dated London 2018 PRICE: £578
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 7

Locket in 9ct Gold dated London 1980 PRICE: £278 
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 6

Cat Charm in 9ct Gold Date circa 1960 PRICE: £95
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 5

Charm Puffy Heart in 9ct Gold date circa 1910 PRICE: £175
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 4

Charm Handbag in 9ct Gold date Birmingham 1975 PRICE: £45
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 3

Amethyst Diamond 18ct White/Yellow Gold Pendant, date hallmarked London 1991 PRICE: £475
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 2 

Silver Enamel Pendant date circa 1960 PRICE: £75
Stock No: Lilly's Attic 1