Turquoise Earrings in 18ct Yellow Gold 
Marks: Sweden, R9, 18k, F, KP
Date: Sweden - Falköping 1967
Designer: Karl - Erik - Palmberg ( 1918-1983 )
PRICE: £1,250
Stock No: SHAPe 24
Special Features: In Sweden they used to put hallmarks on the butterflies of the Earrings. Not on the earrings themselves. Turquoise hardness 5-6 ( Mohs scale 1-10 ). R9 - is the date letter. F - is the letter for the town Falköping, KP - designer mark.
Topaz Earrings in 18ct Yellow Gold
Topaz: 3.50ct total weight approximately
Date: circa 1980
PRICE: £1,450
Stock No: SHAPe 23
Special Features: Earrings were very fashionable in the 1980s and can rightly be considered the jewel of the decade. Topaz hardness 8 ( Mohs scale 1-10 )
Diamond Studs Earrings in 18ct White Gold 
Brilliant Cut Diamonds: H-I, VS1-VS2, 1.30ct total weight approximately
Date: circa 1960
PRICE: 6,250
Stock No: SHAPe 22
Special Features:  An early form of Stud Earrings was popular in ancient Egypt. Modern Diamond Stud Earrings made their appearance in the latter part of the 19th century – and they've had staying power. Their popularity surged in the 1970s, and they have remained a fashion staple ever since. Diamond Hardness 10 ( Mohs scale 1-10 )
Lapis Lazuli Earrings in 18ct Yellow Gold
Date: circa 1960

PRICE: £275
Stock No: SHAPe 21
Special Features: How do I recognise a good Lapis Lazuli ? In the best quality specimens, the colour is evenly distributed, but in general it is spotty or striated. Lapis Lazuli hardness 5-6 (Mohs scale 1-10). 
18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby stone set Clip Earrings by Sannit & Stein for Kutchinsky
Rubies: 0.50ct total weight approximately
Diamonds: 0.20ct total weight approximately
Sapphires: 0.24ct total weight approximately
DATE: circa 1960
PRICE: £2,250
Stock No: SHAPe7
Special Features: Sannit & Stein made jewellery for Kutchinsky.
18ct Yellow Gold pendant Earrings
18ct Gold : total weight 2.8gm/0.098oz estimated
Date: circa 1900
Origin: French
PRICE: £425
Stock no: SHAPe 20
Special Features: Paul Poirest (1879-1944) Paris, was a leading French fashion designer a MASTER COUTURIER during the first two decades of the 20th century. These earrings were made to compliment his feminine, lacy and delicate dresses of the time. His first design, a red cloth cape, sold 400 copies in 1898. The earrings are light and they are NOT pooling the ear.

Golden Owl collection

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18ct Yellow Gold, Diamond stone set clip Earrings
Diamonds: total weight 0.40ct approximately
Date: circa 1960
Origin: French 
PRICE: £1,250
Stock no: SHAPe 19
Special Features: French fashion was very similar to the British fashion in 1960s. Earrings were popular in the 1960s in a variety of shapes and lengths,  provided they were of noticeable size. Fashionable earrings were inspired by plants, animals and unusual objects. 


18ct Yellow & White Gold, Diamond  stone set clip Earrings
Diamonds: total weight 0.10ct approximately
Date: circa 1940
PRICE: £750
Stock no: SHAPe 18
Special Features: Throughout 1940s Earrings were worn, mainly in the shape of ear-clips. Pendant earrings were not very fashionable in the 1940s.

18ct White  Gold, Diamond, Yellow Sapphire, Golden Topaz and Mandarin Garnet stone set Earrings
Diamond: total weight 0.20ct approximately 
Yellow Sapphire: total weight 0.30ct approximately 
Golden Topaz: total weight 0.70ct approximately
Mandarin Garnet: total weight 0.40ct approximately 
Date: circa 1960
PRICE: £1,450
Stock no: SHAPe 17
Special Features: In 1960s popular Earrings were colourful, whimsical and unpretentious Earrings were inspired  by plants, animals and unusual objects. What do these earrings remind you of ? 

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18ct White Gold, Pink Tourmaline stone set Earrings
Pink Tourmaline: total weight 1.70ct approximately 
DATE: London 2010, BUT in our opinion circa 1980
PRICE: £750

Stock no: SHAPe 16
Special Features: Tourmaline hardness 7 - 7.5 ( Mohs scale 1-10). Tourmaline has been known since antiquity in the Mediterranean region. 


14ct Yellow Gold Opal and Diamond stone set Earrings
Opals: Ethiopian 
Diamonds: total weight 0.80ct approximately 
DATE: circa 1990
PRICE: £2,250
Stock no: SHAPe 1

Special Features: Ethiopian Opal hardness 5.5-6.5 (Mohs scale 1-10). A small discovery in 1994 put Ethiopia on the worldwide opal map. This was followed by important discoveries in 2008 and 2013.

18ct Yellow Gold Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye & Diamond stone set Earrings
Diamonds: total weight 0.20ct approximately 
Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye: 
Date: circa 1950
PRICE: £975
Stock no: SHAPe 15
Special Features: The white lines are moving in the stone, dependant on the light entering  the stones. Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye hardness 8.5  ( Mohs scale 1 - 10 ). 


14ct Yellow Gold Jade stone set Earrings
Type of Jade: Jadeite
Origin: European 
Date: circa 1970
PRICE: £1,250
Stock no: SHAPe 14
Special Features: In pre-Columbian Central America, Jade was more highly valued than Gold. Jadeite hardness 7 ( Mohs scale 1 - 10 ) 


18ct Yellow Gold Onyx & Diamond stone set clip Earrings 
Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 0.80ct total weight approximately
DATE: circa 1970
PRICE: £3,250
Stock no: SHAPe 13
Special Features: In 1970's short earrings tended to favour the half-hoop shape, simply attached to the earlobe by means of a clip fitting. Inexpensive examples made of variously textured gold to more important creations carved in hard stone "ONYX" and embellished with Diamonds. Onyx Hardness 6.5 - 7  ( Mohs scale 1-10 )


Tiffany & Co, 18ct Yellow Gold Earrings
Length: 1.57inch/4cm
DATE: circa 1980
PRICE: £1,250
Stock no: SHAPe 12
Special Features: Tiffany & Co became famous in the early 20th Century under the artistic direction of Louis Comfort Tiffany. 

14ct Yellow Gold Cabochon Amethyst stone set Earrings 
Origine country: 
DATE: circa 1970 "early"
PRICE: £1,250
Stock no: SHAPe 11
Special Features: The earrings are for pierced ears with a clip to keep the earrings Safe and in the position. Amethyst is included in Royal Collections all over the world from ancient Egypt to the British Crown Jewels. 


18ct Yellow Gold Pearl & Diamond stone set Earrings by Jahan of Geneve 
Diamonds: total weight  1.20ct approximately
Pearls: Akoya estimated
DATE: circa 1970
PRICE: £3,750
Stock no: SHAPe 2
Special Features: Very Fine Bright Diamonds


18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond stone set cluster Earrings
Sapphires: total weight 3ct approximately
Diamonds: total weight 1.20ct approximately 
DATE: circa 1960
PRICE: £2,750
Stock no: SHAPe 8
Special Features: The Sapphires have a nice lively blue colour 

18ct Yellow Gold Earrings by Boodle & Dunthorme
DATE: London 2004
PRICE: £1,250

Stock no: SHAPe  5

Mikimoto 18ct White Gold, Akoya Pearls set Earrings
Pearls: Akoya
DATE: circa 1980
PRICE: £875

Stock no: SHAPe 10
Special Features: Soft Grey Lustre to  the Pearls. In 1913 Mikimoto opened his shop in London.