18ct Yellow Gold, Citrine & Diamond stone set Pendant
Diamonds: 0.10ct approximately
Weight of the Pendant including the stones and the chain is 10.2gm/0.359oz
Length of the Chain is 18inch/45.72cm
DATE: is in our opinion circa 1970 with later Hallmarks for Sheffield 2004
PRICE: £1,850
Stock no: SHAPn 14
Special Features: Citrine name is derived from its lemon-yellow colour. The coloring agent is iron. 


Lilly Shapiro 18k White Gold Tsavorite Green Garnet & Diamond stone set Chain Necklace ( Spring Magic )
Diamonds: 0.74ct, H-SI approximately
Tsavorite Green Garnet: 0.88ct approximately 
Weight of the Chain Necklace including the stones  is 8.3gm/0.292oz
Length:  22inch/55.88cm
Date: Modern
PRICE: £2,950
Stock no: SHAPn 13
Special Features: Tsavorite (or Tsavolite) is a member of the Garnet Family. The name of this magnificent vivid green stone comes from the Tsavo National Park in Kenya where it was first found, in the beginning of the seventies ( 1974 ). Tsavorite Green Garnet hardness is 7 - 7.5  ( Mohs scale 1-10 )


Italian 18ct Yellow Gold Chain 
Origin: Italy 
Weight of the the chain is 25.45gm/0.898oz
Length of the Chain is 17.7inch/45cm
DATE: circa 1980
PRICE: £2,250
Stock no: SHAPn 11
Special Features: In 1980's the long sautoir (long chain) of the 1970's was abandoned in favour of short, sleek necklaces which complemented the tailored, structured lines of contemporary dress fashion. 


Aquamarine Diamond and Seed Pearl Platinum & 15ct Yellow Gold stone set Pendant
Aquamarine: Fancy Cut Natural colour, possibly from Ceylon, 25ct approximately
Diamonds: Old Mine Rose Cut Diamonds, 1.20ct approximately
Length of the chain with the original 15ct Gold plaque mark is 43.18cm/17inch
Length of the chain including the Pendant is 54cm/21.259inch
Weight of the Pendant including the chain is 12gm/0.423oz
DATE: circa 1900
PRICE: £6,750
Stock no: SHAPn 10

Special Features: Aquamarine is a Birthstone for the month of March. In 19th Century Sea Green varieties of Aquamarine were the most popular 

Special Features: Rose Cut Diamonds first emerged as early as the 15th Century, it was cut into a series of geometric triangular facets. Rose Cut Diamonds became extremely popular throughout the 18th & 19th Century

Tiffany & Co, 18k Yellow Gold, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, Daisy Key Pendant with 18k Yellow Gold Chain by Tiffany & Co
Design Name: Daisy Key 
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond:
Weight of the Pendant including the chain is 13.75gm/0.485oz
Length of the Pendant is 2.5inch, Chain 20inch
DATE: Pendant London 2015, Chain London 2016
PRICE: £2,850
Stock no: SHAPn 8
Special Features:  Tiffany & Co was founded in 1837 by the Jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany. 

18ct White/Yellow Gold mounted Pear shape Tahitian Pearl and Old Cut Diamond stone set Pendant
Tahitian Pear shape Pearl: Cultured, Natural colour, 17mm length & max width of 12mm approximately
Old Cut Diamonds : 0.55ct approximately  
Weight of the Pendant including the stones is 7.55gm/0.266oz
Length of the necklace including the drop is 20inch/50.8cm
DATE: Circa 1960
PRICE: £3,250
Stock no: SHAPn 6
Special Features:  The Tahitian Pearl is an organic Gem formed from the black lip Oyster. Hardness 2.5-4.5 (Mohs scale 1-10)

18ct Rose Gold Asscher Cut & Fancy Light Pink Diamond Pendant
Asscher Cut Diamond: 0.71ct, G, VS2 estimated
Fancy Light Pink round Brilliant Cut Diamonds : 0.12ct, VS  estimated
Weight of the Pendant including the stones and the 18ct Rose gold Chain is 4.80gm/0.169oz
Length of the 18ct Rose Gold Chain is 17.87inch/45.4cm
DATE: London 2016
PRICE: £5,750
Stock no: SHAPn 12
Special Features: The Pink colour of the Diamonds is easily visible to the eye. Diamond hardness is 10 ( Mohs scale 1-10 )


18ct Yellow gold Blue Topaz stone set Pendant
Blue Topaz: 1.50ct approximately
Weight of the pendant with the stones is  1.90gm / 0.067oz
Weight of the 18ct Yellow gold chain is  3.05gm / 0.108oz ,  Length of the Chain: 24.409 inch/62cm 
DATE: circa 1980
PRICE: £575

Stock no. SHAPn 1
Special Features: The Blue Topaz stone has a Nice even colour. 


A Platinum mounted Ceylon Sapphire and Brilliant Cut Diamond stone set Brooch/Pendant
Diamonds: in our opinion, approximately 4ct
Sapphires: in our opinion, approximately 1.20ct
Weight of the Brooch/Pendant including the stone is 11.25gm / 0.397oz
DATE: circa 1960
PRICE: £3,250

Stock no: SHAPn 2


15ct gold longuard chain 
Lenght :  57inch  /145cm
Weight:  43gm / 1.517oz
DATE: circa 1890
PRICE: £2,250

Stock no: SHAPn 3


Edwardian 18ct Yellow Gold & Platinum mount Old Mine Cut Diamond Pendant with later 18ct White Gold chain.
Centre Diamond: 1ct approximately 
Extra Diamonds: 0.10ct approximately
Weight of the Pendant including stones and the chain is 3.70gm/0.131oz
Length of the chain is 16inch/40.64cm
DATE: circa 1905
PRICE: £3,750

Stock no: SHAPn 4


18ct Yellow/White Gold mounted Tanzanite and Brilliant Cut Diamond stone set Pendant
Weight of the Pendant including the stones and the 18ct Yellow Gold chain is 6.95gm/0.245oz
Tanzanite: 1.50ct approximately 
Diamonds: 0.65ct approximately
DATE: circa 1970
PRICE: £2,250

Stock no: SHAPn 5


Edwardian Platinum mounted Old Cut Diamond stone set Pendant in original fine condition 
Length of the Pendant: 9.2cm/ 3.622inch
Weight of the Pendant including the stones and the Platinum chain is 17.55gm/0.619oz
Centre Diamond: 1.25ct approximately 
Total weight of the Diamonds including the centre Diamond: 6.50ct approximately
DATE: circa 1905
PRICE: £12,500

Stock no: SHAPn 7
NOTE: The chain length is 53cm/21inch and can be shortened if necessary 


18ct Yellow Gold mounted Brazilian Amethyst stone set Pendant Necklace
Brazilian Amethyst: 15ct approximately
Weight of The Pendant including the 18ct Yellow Gold chain is 14.85gm /0.524oz
DATE: London 1966 
PRICE: £2,250

Stock Number: SHAPn 9
Special Features: Pendant is not turning while wearing and it has a nice comfortable weight.