Pink Tourmaline Diamond Pendant in 18ct Rose Gold PRICE: £3,250
Oval Cut Pink Tourmaline: 6.5ct approximately
Brilliant Cut Diamond: 0.20ct approximately
Pink Tourmaline date circa 1910 with later setting date circa 1990
Pendant length: 2.3cm/0.90inch, Pendant weight without the chain: 3gm
Chain Length: 18inch/45.6cm, Chain weight: 4gm
Stock No: SHAPn 33

Jade necklaces in 18ct Gold date circa 1970
Edwardian Diamond Pearl Pendant in Platinum
Old Cut Diamonds
Natural Pearls
Date: circa 1905
PRICE: £2,250
Length of the Pendant: 5cm/1.96inch
Length of the Pendant and the Chain: 40cm/15.74inch
Weight of the Pendant and the Chain: 5.7gm
Stock No: SHAPn 32

What is the difference between Edwardian and Art Deco jewellery?
Edwardian jewellery has curved lines and features like floral vines, scrolls and loops.  Art Deco jewellery has straight lines and incorporates distinct geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles, octagons, hexagons and chevrons.

Black Opal Diamond 18ct Gold & Silver Pendant
Natural Black Opal: 8ct approximately
Old Mine Cut Diamonds: 1.25ct approximately
Date: circa 1900
PRICE: £5,750
Stock No: SHAPn 27
Special Features: Black Opal Hardness 5.5-6.5 (Mohs scale 1-10). Black Opal was discovered in Australia at Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, in about the 1880's or 1890's and has since become famous around the world as the most brilliant and stunning opal in the world.
Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Tahitian Pearls: Natural Colour , size 13.4-15.5 mm  estimated 
Date: circa 1990
PRICE: £9,750
Stock no: SHAPn 26
Special Features: Pearls Hardness 2.4-4 (Mohs scale 1-10). Tahitian Pearls have the ability to contain various undertones and overtones of green, pink, blue, silver and yellow colours. The versatility and mixture of colour give it its Value and Beauty.

18ct White Gold, Diamond and South Pearl stone set Pendant
Brilliant Cut Diamonds: 1.25ct approximately
Pearl: South Sea Pearl, Natural colour, Cultured, Size: 11.6mm Wide - 14mm Long,  approximately 
Length of the Chain is 17inch/43.18cm
DATE: circa 1970
PRICE: £3,250
Stock no: SHAPn 14
Special Features: Although the  Pearl hardness is only 2.5-4.5 (Mohs scale 1-10), Pearls are extraordinarily compact, and it is very difficult to crush them. 

18ct Yellow/White Gold, Ruby, Diamond and Pearl stone set Pendant
Diamonds: 1.50ct approximately
Rubies: 0.50ct approximately
Pearl: Natural Button pearl
Length of the Chain is 17inch/43.18cm
DATE: circa 1910
PRICE: £2,750
Stock no: SHAPn 13
Special Features: Animal Themes were very popular in Victorian time (1837-1900) and in Edwardian time (1901-1910)

Ethiopian Opal Necklace with 14k Yellow Gold, Diamond clasp 
Opals: Ethiopian 
Length of the Chain is 17.7inch/45cm
DATE: circa 1995
PRICE: £1,750
Stock no: SHAPn 12
Special Features: Has a good play and range of colour.


18ct Yellow Gold Pendant by Tiffany & Co
Designer: Elsa Peretti
Length of the Chain is 15inch/38.1cm
DATE: circa 1990
PRICE: £975
Stock no: SHAPn 11
Special Features:  Elsa Peretti is a Jewellery Designer for Tiffany & Co since 1974. 


18ct White Gold Sapphire, Ruby & Diamond stone set Pendant
Ruby: 0.90ct approximately, Sapphire: 2ct approximatelyDiamonds: 0.35ct approximately
Weight of the Pendant including the stones and the chain is 5.85gm/0.206oz
Length of the Chain is 16inch/40.64cm
DATE: circa 1980
PRICE: £4,250
Stock no: SHAPn 9
Special Features: Sapphires & Rubies come from the same family Corundum. Hardness of Ruby & Sapphire 9 ( Mohs scale )

18ct Yellow Gold, Citrine & Diamond stone set Pendant
Diamonds: 0.10ct approximately
Weight of the Pendant including the stones and the chain is 10.2gm/0.359oz
Length of the Chain is 18inch/45.72cm
DATE: is in our opinion circa 1970 with later Hallmarks for Sheffield 2004
PRICE: £1,850
Stock no: SHAPn 8
Special Features: Citrine name is derived from its lemon-yellow colour. The coloring agent is iron. 

Tiffany & Co, 18k Yellow Gold, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, Daisy Key Pendant with 18k Yellow Gold Chain by Tiffany & Co
Design Name: Daisy Key 
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond:
Weight of the Pendant including the chain is 13.75gm/0.485oz
Length of the Pendant is 2.5inch, Chain 20inch
DATE: Pendant London 2015, Chain London 2016
PRICE: £2,850
Stock no: SHAPn 7
Special Features:  Tiffany & Co was founded in 1837 by the Jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany. 

18ct White/Yellow Gold mounted Pear shape Tahitian Pearl and Old Cut Diamond stone set Pendant
Tahitian Pear shape Pearl: Cultured, Natural colour, 17mm length & max width of 12mm approximately
Old Cut Diamonds : 0.55ct approximately  
Weight of the Pendant including the stones is 7.55gm/0.266oz
Length of the necklace including the drop is 20inch/50.8cm
DATE: Circa 1960
PRICE: £3,250
Stock no: SHAPn 6
Special Features:  The Tahitian Pearl is an organic Gem formed from the black lip Oyster. Hardness 2.5-4.5 (Mohs scale 1-10)

15ct gold longuard chain 
Lenght :  57inch  /145cm
Weight:  43gm / 1.517oz
DATE: circa 1890

Stock no: SHAPn 4

Edwardian 18ct Yellow Gold & Platinum mount Old Mine Cut Diamond Pendant with later 18ct White Gold chain.
Centre Diamond: 1ct approximately 
Extra Diamonds: 0.10ct approximately
Weight of the Pendant including stones and the chain is 3.70gm/0.131oz
Length of the chain is 16inch/40.64cm
DATE: circa 1905
PRICE: £3,750

Stock no: SHAPn 3