18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond stone set Brooch
Sapphires: 0.20ct approximately
Diamond: 0.05ct approximately
DATE: London 1970
Stock no: SHAPb 5
PRICE: £750
Special Features: In 1970s typical style of brooches were four or five -petal stylised flower heads, in Yellow Gold and decorated with Diamonds and coloured gemstones in the centre. In 1970s Brooches tended to follow the traditional path of floral stylisation.

Hardness Sapphire 9, Diamond 10 ( Mohs scale 1-10 )


15ct Yellow Gold and Silver, Sapphire & Diamond stone set "Fly " bar Brooch
Sapphires: 0.40ct approximately
Rose Cut Diamonds: 0.30ct approximately
DATE: circa 1890
Stock no: SHAPb 4
PRICE: £750
Special Features:  In 1890s Brooches were usually smaller and more delicate in design than their earlier counterparts, and worn in large numbers along neckline, or pinned on lace. It was irrelevant if the design and style did not match: all that was necessary was quantity around the neckline. Flies were used to symbolise secrets or secret keeping. 

Hardness Sapphire 9, Diamond 10 ( Mohs scale 1-10 )


18ct White/Yellow Gold Sapphire & Diamond set Brooch
Cabochon Sapphire: 0.50ct approximately
Diamonds: 0.36ct approximately
Weight of the Brooch including all the stones is 2.70gm/0.095oz
DATE: circa 1960
Stock no: SHAPb 1

Special Features: The flower Brooch is small and easy to wear and is not pulling. Sapphire has a remarkable hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale "Mohs scale 1-10"


A Platinum mounted Ceylon Sapphire and Brilliant Cut Diamond stone set Brooch/Pendant
Diamonds: in our opinion, approximately 4ct
Sapphires: in our opinion, approximately 1.20ct
Weight of the  Brooch/Pendant  including the stone is 11.25gm / 0.397oz
DATE: circa 1960
PRICE: £3,250
Stock no: SHAPb 2
Special Features: The Brooch is also a Pendant


18ct Yellow Gold, Enamel, Emerald and Diamond Penguin Brooch made by Kutchinsky
Diamonds: 1.60ct approximately
Emerald: 0.50ct approximately
Weight of the Penguin is 29.60gm/1.044oz
Hight of the Penguin is 5cm/1.968inch
Width of the Penguin is 5cm/1.968inch
DATE: London 1969
PRICE: £3,250
Special Features: Here we have a beautiful sample of 1960's Brooch. In 1960's brooches were popular to wear and animal especially.