Georg Jensen Silver Ring 
Designer: Georg Jensen (1866-1935)
Design no: 1 A
Design Name: Midnight Blossom 
Weight of the Ring is 5.30gm/0.187oz
DATE: post 1945 mark
PRICE: £375
Stock no: SHAPg 5
Special Features: The Ring feels comfortable and smooth on the finger 


Georg Jensen Silver Brooch 

Designer: Ibe Dahlquist
DATE: circa 1970
PRICE: £325

Stock no: SHAPg 1

Ibe Dahlquist
( 1924-1996 ) 
Ibe Dahlquist started working for Georg Jensen from 1965. Her work is on display in Goldsmith's Hall in London


Georg Jensen 18ct gold Brooch
Designer: Nanna Ditzel
DATE: London 1968
Weight: 23.5gm / 0.829oz
PRICE: £2,250

Stock no: SHAPg 2


Georg Jensen Silver necklace, Designed by Regitze Overgaard for Georg Jensen
Lenght: 19.7inch / 50cm

Weight: 38.35gm / 1.353oz
Design name: Zephyr
DATE: circa 1990
PRICE: £875

Stock no: SHAPg 3

NOTE: The "Zephyr " design was designed in the 1990's and 2006. The earlier design is heavy and the later one is light in weight. The one we are selling is the earlier version and is heavy. 
Regitze Overgaard started designing Jewellery for Georg Jensen since 1987.


Georg Jensen Silver brooch Designed by Georg Jensen, himself.
Weight of the Brooch is 6.60gm/0.233oz
DATE: post 1945 mark with the London import mark for 1981
PRICE: £325

Stock no: SHAPg 4


Georg Jensen Silver clip Earrings
Designer: Georg Jensen (1866-1935)
Design no: For the year 1995
Design Name: Heritage Collection
Weight of the both Earrings is 15.85gm/0.559oz
DATE: 1995
PRICE: £375
Stock no: SHAPg 6
Special Features: One can feel the earrings are on, but not hurting the ears.


Georg Jensen Silver clip Earrings
Designer: Arno Malinowski  (1899-1976)
Design no: 102
Design Name: leaf
Weight of the both Earrings is 7.20gm/0.254oz
DATE: post 1945 mark
PRICE: £275
Stock no: SHAPg 7
Special Features: The earrings do clip firm and fit comfortably. In our opinion Leaf Design was designed in 1930's.

Arno Malinowski - Worked for Georg Jensen Company from 1936-1944  and from 1949 - 1965 


Georg Jensen Silver Necklace designed by Bent Gabrielsen for Hans Hansen
Designer: Bent Gabrielsen  (born 1928 - )
NOTE: In 1991 Georg Jensen took over the firm of  Hans Hansen
Length of the necklace is 17inch/43.18cm
Weight of the necklace is 128.6gm/4.536oz
DATE: import marks for London 1997
PRICE: £2,750
Stock no: SHAPg 8
Special Features: The necklace has a nice comfortable weight and it has a smooth feel.